In a direct or indirect way, extrinsic or intrinsic, it is possible to measure and monitor almost all parameters or measurands required in most industries with fiber optic sensors:

  • Temperature
  • Weight, Forces, pressures, flows
  • Stresses and strains
  • Vibration and acceleration
  • Travel and rotations
  • Distance and level
  • Fields and electric currents
  • Magnetic Fields
  • Chemical analysis
  • Humidity
  • And many other parameters


Many detection devices or systems may also be made ​​with Fiber Optic Sensors by LIGHT GUIDE SOLUTIONS to meet your specific requirements. Either standard or customized, LIGHT GUDE SOLUTIONS proposes solutions to meet your expectations:


Optical fiber sensors are a real alternative to traditional electrical or electromechanical sensors in most applications by providing indisputable economic and physical advantages.

These different types of fiber optic sensors are now commonly used and accepted in major industries such as automotive, railway, aeronautics, handling, civil engineering, chemical and petrochemical, defence, food, shipbuilding, steel works…