Optical Fiber Detection Sensors


The intrinsic properties of the optical fibers, whether made ​​of glass (silica) or plastic (PMMA), make them naturally sensitive over their entire length. Thus, it is very easy to design detection sensors continuously distributed or localized. Exploiting these principles enables the creation of detection systems for many applications, with a very advantageous cost vs. quality rapport.


Types of Optical Fiber Detection Sensors

Perimeter Detection for sensitive sites

buried sensors, mesh/welded instrumented mesh, instrumented concertina barbed wire, instrumented walls…

Presence detection

sensitive low thickness carpets, curved or straight sensitive edges, anti-pinch systems, ….

Leak detection

by rapid temperature change : dams and dikes , petrochemical tanks monitoring, …

Frost Detection

on wind turbine blades, on aircraft and helicoters blades, ( for deicing systems) ….

Detection of Level

water tank and revervoir  monitoring, cooling circuit, ….