Temperature Monitoring

Optical Fiber Temperature Sensors


Several technologies of optical fiber temperature sensors are available. Whether you want to achieve temperature measurement single-point or multipoint dispatched continuously, we can offer you a system tailored to your needs and meet your technical and economic constraints.

Fiber optic temperature sensors have the advantage of being non-intrusive (diameter of an optical fiber 125μm, 250µm to 3 mm). The associated control unit can be remote from a few meters to several kilometers, this type of temperature sensor is ideally suited for all highly constrained environments including hazardous areas (ATEX)


Measuring ranges: -200 ° C to + 800 ° C

Level of detail/Resolution: +/- 0.1 ° C

Number of sensors: 1 to 120 sensors per electronic processing unit, individually accessible

Application overview


Temperature control on switches, disconnectors, electric transformers


Temperature control for power generators


Temperature control in induction furnaces


Temperature control in food processes


Detection and control of hotpoint


Temperature registration for monitoring storage / industrial production