Optical Fiber Weighing Devices


Fiber optic sensors based on the use of Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG) allow instrumenting and measuring directly the stresses seen by the components or equipment receiving loads. Traditionally, receptacle loads or load cells are formed with electric stress gauge.


The use of optical sensors FBG eliminates problematic wiring and sensitivity to electrostatic effects (lightning).  Thanks to their low intrusiveness, it is possible to go instrument the heart of the parts supporting or taking the load. It is thus significant savings and dramatically simplify weight measurements.


The FBG processing units (also called “Interrogators”)  used are able to handle a large number of sensors (up to 120 measurement points), which allows to centralize the different steps of weighing equipment in one place which can be distant from several meters to several kilometers .

Typical applications of Fiber Optical Weighing Devices

Weighbridges for road and rail transport

On-Board weighing (waste collection vehicles, dump trucks, logging trucks, industrial and agricultural vehicles, aerial work platforms …)

Dynamic Weighing for food industry

Weighing in the chemical industry (storage components, weight filling …)

Weighing in agriculture (silos, cattle, pigs, goats, poultry …)