Wind Turbine Monitoring

Fiber Optic Wind Turbine Monitoring


Offshore Wind Turbine Farm Sensors

Fiber optic sensors are ideal for detection, monitoring and control of onshore and offshore wind turbines.

Monitoring system for blades on wind turbines to detect inherent failures of a wind turbine blade, to ensure the operator to stop the machine and restart occasionally problematic frost episodes , or just to improve the wind turbine control system to optimize its production.

Masts surveillance systems to monitor the stresses seen by metal poles to control the tightening of fasteners, or follow the evolution of age-related cracks of concrete poles

Ongoing monitoring : to control temperatures at the centre of the generator windings, to track elevations in temperatures of the hydraulic circuits of reducers, or controlling hot spots in electrical circuits




Types of applications with Fiber Optic for Wind Turbine Monitoring


  • Ice detection on blades  Offshore Wind Turbine Monitoring
  • Balance control of blades    
  • Detecting defects on blades
  • Measure of effort on blades    
  • Detection of lightning strikes on blades    
  • Control/detection of cracks in concrete masts     
  • Controls of mast mounting elements     
  • Monitoring of constraints on metal masts
  • Detection of hot points (generator winding, disconnectors, … )     
  • Measurement of oil temperatures in hydraulic circuits     
  • Monitoring of constraints on bearings