FBG Interrogator
FBG Interrogator (Braggmeter)

Our measurement units are designed to provide the best cost to performance ratio. The fully modular concept of  measurement units allows you to configure and optimize the performance and therefore the cost to suit your specific needs.


You can easily choose the specifications tailored to your requirements:

  • 4, 8 or 2×4 independent optical channels
  • Acquisition frequency 20Hz, 100Hz or 1kHz up
  • Spectral range 1525nm to 1570 nm
  • Resolution / Repeatability <1pm
  • Short-term accuracy +/- 2 pm
  • Absolute Accuracy (Long term) +/- 4 pm
  • Dynamic 20 dB to 50 dB
  • Communication interfaces RS232, RS485,                             CAN Open, USB 2.0, Ethernet IP, GPRS …
  • Micro processor dedicated application
  • Data Logging 128MB to 1GB




Download Specification:

LGS – Fiber Bragg Grating Interrogators UCL-020    UCL-200

LGS – Fiber Bragg Grating Interrogators UCL-IBS0.2


Download Configurator :

LGS – Fiber Bragg Grating  Interrogator Product Range