Light Guide Solutions

Engineering of Photonic Systems

Constraint Measurement

Optical Fiber solutions for monitoring and measurement

Temperature Measurement

Several technologies of optical fiber temperature sensors are available.

Weighing Devices (OIML Approved)

Fiber optic sensors based on the use of Bragg Networks technology (FBG).

Wind Turbine Monitoring

Fiber optic sensors: ideal for detection, monitoring & control of onshore / offshore wind turbines.

Detection Sensors

Effective detection systems for various applications at an attractive cost

Safety Instrumentation (SIL 1 to SIL4)

Solutions for safety instrumentation, control and detection levels with high operating safety.

Why choose LGS – Fiber Optic Sensors?


Our core business is the development, manufacturing optical fiber sensors measurement systems.


Our goal is to increase the competitive edge of our Customer / partners by offering innovative and competitive solutions for measuring and control systems based on different technologies of fiber optic sensors.

Light Guide Solutions - We develop and manufacture measurement systems for optical fibre sensors