Fiber optic sensors
Fiber optic sensors
Measuring and detection with fiber optic sensors
01 Principle

Standard or customized solutions

Directly or indirectly, extrinsically or intrinsically, it is possible to measure and control almost any parameter or measurand required in most sectors of activity. LGS by Texys can meet a wide range of requirements and can provide standard or customized solutions for each of your needs. With the use of fiber optic sensor technology, our products are able to efficiently perform the following different measurements:

  • Temperature
  • Weight, Forces, pressures, flows
  • Stresses and strains
  • Vibrations and accelerations
  • Displacements and rotations
  • Distance and level
  • Electric fields and currents
  • Magnetic Fields
  • Chemical analysis
  • Humidity
  • And many other parameters
Standard or customized solutions
02 Applications

Alternatives to traditional electrical or electromechanical sensors

Many detection systems or devices can also be realized using fiber optic sensor technology to meet your specific requirements. Whether they are standard or customized, the solutions offered by LGS by Texys will meet your expectations for:

  • Presence detection
  • Intrusion detection
  • Perimeter detection
  • Level detection
  • Break detection
  • Anti-pinching systems

Fiber optic sensors are real alternatives to traditional electrical or electromechanical sensors in most applications by providing undeniable physical and economic advantages.

These different types of fiber optic sensors are now commonly used and recognized in major industries such as automotive, railway, aeronautics, material handling, civil engineering, chemical and petrochemical, defense, food processing, shipbuilding, steelmaking and many others.

Alternatives to traditional electrical or electromechanical sensors